TZVETANKA is a creative documentary that tells the story of my grandmother and the country she′s been living in – Bulgaria. I have started that journey together with my friend - the cinematographer Adam Nilsson in the summer of 2007, later on the producer Mårten Nilsson joined in, then the co-producers Anna Byvald from SILVEROSAFILM and Martichka Bojilova from AGITPROP, then the composer Rikard Borggård and then…


The film won:

and was nominated for:

The film was presented at the Way Out West festival - Göteborg 2012

and is in the official selections of: 


and many ohers.


TZVETANKA is a production of GNUFILM,


Director & script writer: Youlian Tabakov

Cinematographer: Adam Nilsson

Composer: Rikard Borggård

Sound: Valeriya Popova